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OMG I AM ON!!!!!

2009-10-13 14:11:20 by junkdog8

OMG!!!! i haven't been able to get onto newgrounds in forever because of my stupid school firewall i can't view anything on here, its really annoying i cant do a lot of stuff on the internet thanks to this thing. ugg anyways i am only gonna be on for a few moments but thought i would get in a good rant on my page while i am out on the town watching traffic for my LE classes, i get to write people up for tickets and i don't even have a badge yet. man you would be surprised how bad some people drive. on a totally related subject, there was this whole drunk driving thing at my school and they brought in a drunk driving simulator, it was frekin difficult. i was horrible i didn't even come close to passing i failed while the game was still on the stone cold sober setting. i guess i really suck on simulated driving cuz i am normally an excellent driver. well i guess that's enough of a rant for now now its time to watch some animations i have been missing.

OMG I AM ON!!!!!


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